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The legendary Swedish DJ duo,

Cazzette Talks Career and Forthcoming EP “Desserts” In Exclusive Interview

Home Uncategorized Cazzette Talks Career and Forthcoming EP “Desserts” In Exclusive Interview

The legendary Swedish DJ duo, Cazzette has taken the world by storm ever since their first track hit the streets. Their versatility and ever-changing production style has allowed them to become one of the biggest names in the scene.

Cazzette’s work has really transformed throughout the years; from the early days of electro house hits such as “Beam Me Up” to banging future house tracks, including “Sleepless” and “Together”. They revolutionized the industry with their production and proved to us that they have what it takes to be an EDM giant.

With their highly anticipated EP “Desserts”dropping soon, I am sure that some of you fans have a lot of questions for them. We were able to catch Cazzette for a brief interview amongst their busy schedule.


-How did you come up with the name “Cazzette” ?

Our manager Ash suggested the name when we started working together. Since we don’t really stick to one genre and also that’s how he discovered us we want to represent a mixtape (cassette) where one really doesn’t care about genres but rather good songs no matter what.

-We see you really took a turn from producing electro house to deep/future house with the release of “Sleepless”. How was the process of transformation? What fueled this change in direction?

We simply said to ourselves that we needed to create music that we love no matter the genre. We took a break from touring and wanted to focus on producing and since we always want to move forward with our sound and not only stick to one thing it made perfect sense. We honestly didn’t even think about “deep/future house” when we created sleepless together with Jonas (The High). It all came to together so fast and natural and just felt right.

-To add on top of the last question – no doubt that “Sleepless” was a huge success, but how did the fan base, especially those in your home country, react to it?

Sleepless went platinum in Sweden and gold in Denmark and Norway so over here it was a huge success and we are really humbled and greatful for that. We care a lot about our fans all over the world and we get that it might be frustrating for some that they won’t get another beam me up for instance but we need to do what makes us happy in order to stay motivated and creative. To us it seems really boring to make a clone of one’s previous hit.

-Throughout the years, you have dabbled with multiple genres including dubstep-infused, electro-house, progressive house, and now future house. What can the fans expect from Cazzette in 2016?

Everything! We have so much more to show.

-We are huge fans of your collaboration with Terri B, “Blind Heart”, it really exemplified the high compatibility of the vocals and the production. Do you plan on working with any interesting vocalists in the near future?

We are always looking for talented vocalists to work with. What we always try to go for are voices that have soul and identity. Terri B was perfect in that respect.

-Your brand new track “Together” has shown promising results for the forthcoming “Desserts” EP, set to be released on August 14th. Can you give us a little preview on what we will hear on the EP?

The EP is going to be a huge deal for us since it’s the first collection of songs since we said that we only would make music that matters to us. It will contain a little bit of everything. We have some daft punk flavored old school vibes, some “the godfather” meets Ibiza and even a flirt with dub-step meets ballad song.

-What’s the biggest difference between “Eject” and your forthcoming EP?

To us, Desserts is more interesting and more fulfilled in a way that we are really proud of. Every song on the ep has its own soul and feel rather than eject that was more of a club album.

-Are you planning to release a new album in the near future?

We are focusing on singles and EP’s for now. It makes more sense at the moment. It feels like people today don’t really focus on albums in the same way they did before.

-We understand that you have a show here and there but mostly in Europe and United States recently. Do you plan on having a world tour any time soon to promote your new music?

This fall we are going to be all over the world! We are really excited about it. After a massive tour when we return home there is always so much music in mind that has to be created. Seeing the world and playing for our fans gives us so much happiness.

-What do you think about the current EDM scene? Where do you see it being in 10 years?

We don’t really consider us being a part of the EDM scene. We want to create music and evolve as producers and not really think about what the next “banger” sounds like.


To top off the interview, we are happy to present you 2 impressive remixes of “Together” that Cazzette has handpicked for official release; respectively from Lost Kings and Beckwith. Check it out below



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