Collarbones – Turning (Flume Remix)

Yes, Flume is back. Who’s hyped now?

Who isn’t waiting for weeks/months for a new Flume track to be released, well I am and this time, Flume got his magic right once again with a brand new remix of australian fellows, Collarbones, this is his Flume’s “Turning” Remix.

Flume can easily deal with the What So Not separation, and he shows it off to the world with this masterpiece. Beautiful vocals as we are used to, deep basslines, impressive synths, this tune has it all, everyone could genuinely fall in love with this one. A wonderful remix from the top to the bottom, very solid production overall and the result is as expected, amazing.

This guy’s tracks are always poweful for the soul, this one is not the exception.

Available now on iTunes.


Photo: Lisa Frieling

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