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Having already released a massive

Creamfields Upgrades for 2015

Home Uncategorized Creamfields Upgrades for 2015

Having already released a massive line up this year similar to Tomorrowland, the UK festival ‘Creamfields’ has just announced additional improvements to the festival, but this time it is to the festival grounds itself.

The following upgrades apply to this year’s edition of Creamfields:


Festival campers can now enjoy a nice meal in form of breakfast, lunch or dinner, directly at the campsite. Similar to Tomorrowland’s campsite ‘Dreamville’, there will be food stands where you can buy your meal and drinks to enjoy  them at the new picnic tables that have also been added to the camping grounds. A camping store will also be available on the site, for those in need of camping supplies.


Festival and camping access:

Increased entry lanes at the entrances have been added to reduce queues. A new drop off point has been added for shuttles and coach buses. Two new bridges have also been added to the festival grounds to reduce the waiting times.


General site upgrades:

Significant work has been done to improve the site in form of improved roadways and woodchip scattered across the site, all in effort to reduce the mud which the festival is known for. More covered seating areas have also been added together with more LED and directional signage around the site.



With these improvements to the festival site and a huge lineup combined with reasonable prices, Creamfields is bigger and better than ever before and is set on being a sure competitor to Tomorrowland which recently ended. Creamfields is partly sold out, but good tickets are still available for purchase, so make sure to get them soon!


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