Dada Life breaks Guinness World Record

Dada Life recently held their second annual “Voyage” festival last week – taking place in San Bernardino, CA. After major success in 2014, they were determined to go bigger, better, and banana….er. This one day festival had all the makings of a good time; a silent disco, camping, an overtime set with the legends of Dada Life themselves, and of course, lots and LOTS of banana’s.

The twist? Dada Life was out to break a world record. A very important world record. A world record that very few even knew existed – “Largest gathering of people dressed at fruit”. Yes, reader, you read that right. The land of Dada was out to get as much attendees as possible to come dressed in a banana suit. Quite frankly, if you sit down and think about what group of people would actually be able to make this happen, Dada Life and their fans is pretty much the perfect group to do so.

So there we had it, one day to gather as many yellow covered, banana shape folks as possible. Could they do it? Abso-freakin-lutely.

600+ Banana Gathering.  Photo courtesy of Dada Life

Fans from all over gathered to raise awareness for Panama’s Disease – a devastating threat that has wiped out massive amounts of fruit fields worldwide. The show of support was, needless to say, jaw dropping. And top top it all off, they most certainly broke the record.

Photo courtesy of Dada Life


One awesome Dada Lifer happened to record the whole set from the dynamic banana duo.