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Dada Life wants to break Guinness World Record with new theme

Bananas make up over half of all fresh produce bought in America – but if the deadly fruit virus currently spreading through parts of Asia and Africa makes its way over to South and Central America, the world favourite yellow fruit will be in serious disarray.

“We use bananas for everything…They’re on our rider, our fans come to gigs dressed as them, they’ve even featured on our logo. Imagine if we can’t get hold of them any more?”  says Olle Corneer, one half of Swedish superstars, Dada Life.

As a consequence, Dada Life’s next theme will in turn aim to break a GUINNESS WORLD RECORD, but hosting the ‘Most People Dressed As Fruit’ in one venue. The location is their own festival, The Voyage, in San Bernadino, California on July 18th. While hoping have an awesome time, the pair also want to cover and create awareness for the serious issue surrounding the fruit.Partnering up with Fair Trade USA, the duo aim to not only help protect their favorite fruit, but also promote awareness for the banana farmers who already struggle to make ends meet, let alone fight the Tropical Race 4 disease.

“Looking after banana farmers is one way that we can help them protect their crops against the disease,” Olle’s partner Stefan Engblom continued. “At the moment they don’t get much money, which means that they can’t properly fight (it).”
 “The Fair Trade Certified logo signifies that your banana was grown according to strict social and environmental standards, and that farmers earned additional money for their hard work,” said Jenna Larson, spokeswoman for Fair Trade USA, the leading certifier of Fair Trade products in North America.

“We’re honored to work with Dada Life to educate fans about the power of their purchase, and the Fair Trade farmers behind the peel.”

Here’s some Banana facts for you to digest:
  • Bananas make up over 50% of America’s fresh fruit consumption
  • The annual global banana industry is worth $44.1 billion
  • Bananas are the most traded fruit worldwide, and the fifth most traded agricultural product
  • The US imports approximately 31% of all bananas traded internationally, with the EU importing another 28% – well over half of all worldwide imports
  • Bananas are a key food staple for over 400 million people on the planet
  • 70% of the world’s bananas are grown in South and Central America

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