Dada Life – One Last Night On Earth (Speaker of the House remix)

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Philadelphia native “Speaker of the House” takes Dada Life iconic summer jam, “One Last Night On Earth” out for a summer-y spin.

I am sure that as many of you mindlessly scroll through our Facebook feed in the past few days, you have stumbled upon a vine featuring a fabulously naked, sparkling Peter Griffin riding a dolphin and an amazing remix of “One Last Night On Earth”. Well congratulation, you’ve found the track.

This up and coming DJ perfected the summer vibes with his “new Les Pauls guitar” and fitted it onto the track seamlessly. For what was a festival rager is now a chill tune with a laid-back attitude; a complete 180 for a Dada Life track. With over three hundred thousand plays on soundcloud, it is only a matter of time before Speaker of the House blows up. Stay ahead of the trend and check it out below!

Out on July 10th.