Dan Bilzerian Forks Out $650k on Electric Zoo

If you spent $439 on a VIP wristband for Electric Zoo you may be feeling a bit light in the pocket.

However, you may take some comfort (or not) in knowing that Instagram kingpin Dan Bilzerian has spent no less than $654,400 on his own personal VIP deck for him and 200 of his guests.

A large percentage of the bill has been attributed to huge quantities of alcohol totalling: 90 litres of champagne, 80 litres of tequila and 100 litres of vodka.

Electric Zoo organisers have also decided to let the playboy have his own set of personal fireworks with controller so he can launch them at will – a decision which in our opinion is extremely risky considering Bilzerian’s obsession with explosives!

That being said, we’re sure anyone who knows Dan will be schmoozing up to him more than normal in the next few weeks!

Electric Zoo takes place in New York on September 4-6 2015.



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