Deadmau5 condemns Pacha Ibiza’s opening Stunt

In the competitive business of entertainment, Nightclubs are using all sorts of gimmicks to attract its customers’ attention. Pacha is one of the most established club of them all, with locations all over the world, it is without a doubt the center of the spotlight.

One of the longest running residency in Pacha Ibiza is David Guetta’s “F*** Me I’m Famous” show. The club’s opening party back in May featured an extravagant “Wild Wild West” theme, clothing the dancers with flamboyant Native American headdresses and skin-tight rodeo costumes. They even went to the extent of bringing a live horse into the club. The whole scene could be described as an animal rights/equality activist’s nightmare.

This action has caught attention from many opinionated people who are not afraid to speak their minds, namely Joel Zimmerman (Deadmau5). He condemned the action of Pacha Ibiza with tweets such as “im sure the horse really appreciated it. stupid fucks.” Check out his rant below.