Deadmau5 lashes out at French producers’s single

It is back and its glazed with controversy. French Tropical House artist Zimmer has had a blistering career on his way up to the top tier of the Tropical House genre. Being one of many purveyors of chill or tropical mix-tapes for listeners to enjoy, he has developed quite a fan base and is one of the artists on France based record label Roche Musique.

He recently uploaded one of the tracks from his upcoming ‘Coming of Age – EP’ which is to be out on July 10th. The track in discussion as well as in the spiral of controversy is ‘Heartbreak Reputation’ featuring Polina. It’s quite a tricky one as it involves the Electronic Music superstar Deadmau5, also known as Joel Zimmerman for those who want to keep the story coherent.

The track has been accused of being strikingly similar in its chord progression to the famous collaboration between Deadmau5 with Kaskade called ‘I Remember’ from the former’s third album ‘Random Album Title’, released in 2008. Here was Zimmerman’s tweet regarding Zimmer’s track :

And then again, angry Zimmerman congratulated the French producer in his own special way :

We will  give you both the songs and let you be a better judge of what to make of the situation.



A tad bit similar, innit?

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