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Dimitri Vegas reaffirms EDM as the music of this generation

To say that Dimitri and Michael Thivaios are doing well at the moment would be an understatement.

In the last two years the brothers, better known as Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike, have burst not only into the electronic scene but also into the realms of mainstream music. Love them or hate them, you cannot go far these days without one of their iconic tracks being featured in a DJ set at a house party to sold out arenas.

The Belgian duo were voted in at Number 2 this year for DJ Mag’s Top 100 DJ’s, up 4 places from the year before. Their huge release titled ‘The Hum’, which they premiered at Tomorrowland 2014 with that epic Matthew McConaughey chest thump became the most ‘shazamed’ track a couple months back, and this summer they have resumed their ‘House of Madness’ residency at Amnesia Ibiza.

An increasing number of producers and DJ’s are starting to criticize the current state of EDM. From Deadmau5, to Steve Angello, to The Chemical Brothers, claiming the genre lacks variety and is not headed in an appealing direction.

On the contrary, Dimitri Vegas appears to be very content with the direction of EDM. BBC Newsbeat managed to grab a few seconds out of his busy schedule to get his opinion on the matter.

He was asked about their opinions on where EDM stands at present day:

“I guess it is the music of this generation,” – “As hip hop was ten years ago and other styles were before that so I guess that is what it is now.”

What about explosion of the genre into mainstream music?

“Everything just fell into place in the right time,” he said, “You have epic festivals like Tomorrowland releasing movies that get spread all over the world which are seen in the smallest town.

He carried on to explain:

“Now it is the music that gets transferred to radio and all those things in place just made it the music of this generation.”

The interviewer furthered to ask what motivates them to keep producing this kind of music:

“It is just the energy of massive crowds that just really appeals to us. We really love, like, the giant mass of movement, we love every minute of it”.

Whatever you think of them; Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike are certainly living the dream.


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