Disclosure Return with “Holding On”

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Disclosures return to the airwaves has been one of major anticipation. Massive anticipation. The British duo have arguably caused listeners tastes to evolve towards a slower form of electronic music. One easier to pick up on the finer, varied details.

Pairing with the truely incredible voice of Gregory Porter, the gospel-rooted voice provides a treble that really does do some soul-searching, capturing your attention from the outset and pulling you towards a transcendent state.  The tracks opening signifies the entrance Disclosure have made back into the ring, loud, proud and oozing quality.

The blend of ‘sci-fi’ chords, claps, and varied elements is carried by a major bass-line, one that will set clubs and festivals a like to dance-mode instinctively. The funky, short melody stays around to be enjoyed, savored, with Porters vocals progressing the song towards its end, with looped backing vocals creating an anthem-like effect, rounding off the 5 minutes in fine style.

With the video dropping earlier today, the duo’s creativity goes beyond just the audio medium, with a seemingly 2-part storyline acting substance to the songs overall story and effect.

With a start to their next chapter like this, we can only anticipate restlessly for what is to come next with links to Lorde and Sam Smith already!

Check out the audio, video and insane live performance at Wild Life below:

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