Disclosure & Sam Smith deliver a good “Omen”

Disclosure & Sam Smith’s hotly anticipated collaboration is finally here. And we’re far from disappointed.

Having proven themselves as individual artists and as a collaborative force already, it was reasonable to give their latest work high expectations. Providing the signature sound that Disclosure have curated over the past few years and the all-inspiring vocal strength of Smith, the tracks destined to be one of, if not the, biggest tracks from Disclosures album ‘Caracal’.

With a disjointed, yet harmonic blend of sound layers, the British brothers create another House banger, with deep groove and a funky mood to bring any crowd to its senses pinnacle. The rhythmic claps, drawn-out keyboard chords and dynamic sounds fuse together to create an electronic canvas for Sam Smith’s soulful voice. The sultry atmosphere created induces you into a state of sensory satisfaction, heightening your mood. With FX ever-prominent and their characterizing playfulness within the track, Smith’s vocal bring a polished, emotive finish to another stellar house production. While not as upbeat as “Latch”, the track reflects a quality that comes from maturity and establishment. A process both Disclosure & Sam Smith have gone through.

They say all good things come in three’s, like the Batman trilogy (ignoring Green Day’s latest albums). So with that logic, early requests for another all-British production aren’t radical at all. With a powerful storyline and visuals, the official video’s release earlier today also brings a ‘to be continued’ ending, adding fuel to the collaboration trilogy fire. However, for now we can all take the time to lean back, put up our feet and enjoy listening to ‘s latest 4 minutes of blissful music. Over and over and over again.

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“Omen” is available today on iTunes

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