DVBBS fail to impress with latest track

Canadian duo DVBBS look unlikely to stop producing while they are on the road. However, quality is not always delivered. If you consider yourselves globally-known, prestigious producers with a reputation, capable of winning awards, you should be able to produce decent tracks that aren’t generic and weak.

To be brutally honest, the melody and the bassline don’t seem to have taken long to produce. The track shows a lack of creativity, coming from the duo that have not been at the top of their game lately. DVBBS has shown in the past that they have the ability of delivering solid tracks, but this, is not one of them.

Don’t get me wrong, the track is not bad at all, but it’s frustrating to listen to knowing that these guys can be top producers, with a polished, creative finish. Though their performances attract huge crowds with fancy pyrotechnics and excellent energy, at the end of the day, music will always be the number one factor within the industry. Take KSHMR as an example, focusing on the music and the feeling it gives you over and above the other aspects, proving that alone will be able to bring you success.

Many producers are capable of producing festival bangers, but it’s not until you put ‘soul’ into the track that people will then respect it. We still love you DVBBS, but we expect a something of better quality for artists of your caliber.

Available on August 3rd .



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