E-Cig is to blame on Rob Swire’s hearing loss

On a related note to the news of Rob Swire losing his ability to hear in his left ear, he has come back from the doctor and notified us all is well.

According to the diagnosis, the chemical “propylene glycol”, commonly used in vaping juices as a solvent, induced this unfortunate incident. Studies show that this said chemical is ototoxic and may cause deterioration in auditory system when applied directly to the ear. Even though this is a known fact since the 80s, such chemical’s effect in inhalants has not been documented yet.

We urge you to switch to a more natural counter part of propylene glycol, “vegetable glycerin”. It is a safer alternative and could save you from having potential hearing loss. It is no small matter to lose the ability to hear, especially when you rely on it to earn a living.

Though it is highly likely that propylene glycol is at fault here, let’s not forget Rob’s constant exposure to loud decibels while on tour. This may very well contributed to his condition.

Though Rob really rattled us in this worrisome event, he offered us some good news through his latest tweet. It seems like we will be hearing a new EP from Knife Party very soon!