Facebook Joins Streaming Market

Earlier this week Facebook announced they would be embedding video services, supported by adverts, within the social media site. While their is no concrete release-date in place for it’s arrival, the trail stage is expected to occur within the ‘suggested videos’ section.

The company plans to share 55% of the revenue created with it’s partners, which include Fox Sports, Funny Or Die and the NBA already.

Facebook’s exploration into the music sphere brings the prospect of royalties to the right holders of the material posted in music videos as content on the site, with the promise to match Youtube’s per-view rates. The site also aims to implement a detection service to cater for copyright infringement, similar to that found on rival platforms like Youtube and Soundcloud.

The prospect of Facebook becoming another source for our daily content not only adds convenience to another level to the consumer, but also reflects the changing face of music consumption today, with labels and artists alike becoming heavily reliant on law-abiding software to protect their artistry. And while their user-base is definitely more significant that its soon-to-be rivals, Facebook major hurdle will come in the face of accessing and gaining the immediate traction the other sites have already, putting pressure on it’s ability to create and maintaining relationships with media outlets and its partners.

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