Ferry Corsten’s “Hello World Part 2” Had Landed

Ferry Corsten’s has enjoyed a lustrous career spanning over two decades and still the Dutchman still has the spark and edge to produce enchanting material than manages to coax the maximal emotional impact from the electronic genres. His latest EP “Hello World Part 2” takes a direction towards his trance routes, a direction which many of his seven albums have included over the years.1. The EP’s first track, “Reborn”, captures the timeless, emotionally-heightening style we have come to know, love and expect from Corsten over the years. With inspirational riffs and FX, the surging melody bellows an ominous and optimistic atmosphere, with a kick-drum driving the track to bittersweet ending.2. The second track takes a more relaxed, spiritual angle. With a soft, slower beats and more patient, simple melodic build-up, the layered chords create an empowered atmosphere, taking us down a nostalgic path to the past where nearly all material would have an emotional impact on the listener that would soothe their worries yet increase their heartbeat.3. Opting for a deeper sounds, reminiscent of Ten Walls “Walking with Elephants” in terms of pace and atmosphere created, Corsten’s tuned, overlaid chords intertwined with soft, gentle vocal riffs yet again pull on our heart strings, taking us on a progressive journey towards a more peaceful, settled minset.

4. “Angel Dust” takes on a grittier fusion of layers and sounds, with a more grinding melody and synths pushing energy towards it’s deep ‘bassy’ samples. With a sophisticated structuring and prominent chordal keyboard the song fits nicely into the overall EP’s theme and audience.

5. Corsten’s collaboration with Haris almost combines aspects from the EP’s other tracks, with deep FX, a surging kick-bass and soothing melody, Haris’ vocals creating an enigmatic atmosphere than reaches clarity only at the end. A more instrumental, softer trance song, “Back to Paradise” reflects Coresten’s diverse production skills and knowledge to deliver a prime-time mood-setter.

6. Finally, rounding off the EP is “Hyper Love” featuring the capturing vocals of Nat Dunn. Fusing both trance and progressive house elements, the tracks fluctuates between simple and sophisticated layering. With a driving clap-drum, slow piano chords and gradual crescendos, the track wraps up the EP perfectly, with a cumulative mood and complete atmosphere.

The Flashover Records founder’s demand is as strong as ever, with a career including remixes of Justin Bieber, U2, Moby, The Killers, Duran Duran, Public Enemy and Nelly Furtado. “Hello World Part 2” continues his dominant production performance, adding to a career catalogue that stands up there with some of the best of his generation. And with ‘Corsten’s Countdown’ as strong as ever, broadcasting in over 40 countries via 210 radio stations worldwide, and his tour schedule (included bel0w) in high demand, the Corsten looks set to be around for years to come.

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July 11 | Milton Keyes, UK | Electric Daisy Carnival

July 12 | Helsinki, Finland | Colors Fest

July 13 | Ibiza, Spain | Club Space Ibiza

July 16 | Seattle, WA | Foundation Nightclub

July 17 | Cleveland, OH | Liquid

July 18 | Chicago, IL | Full On @ The Mid

July 20 | Ibiza, Spain | Club Space Ibiza

July 25 | Boom, Belgium | Tomorrowland

July 27 | Ibiza, Spain | Club Space Ibiza*

Aug 01 | Spaarnwoude, Netherlands | Dance Valley

Aug 03 | Ibiza, Spain | Club Space Ibiza

Aug 06 | Austin, TX | V Lounge

Aug 07 | Denver, CO | The Church

Aug 08 | San Diego, CA | Bassmnt

Aug 10 | Ibiza Spain | Club Space Ibiza

Aug 14 | Los Angeles, CA | Exchange LA

Aug 17 | Ibiza Spain | Club Space Ibiza

Aug 24 | Ibiza Spain | Club Space Ibiza

Aug 28 | Prague, Czech Republic | FSOE 400

Aug 30 | Daresbury, UK | Creamfields 2015

Aug 31 | Ibiza, Spain | Club Space Ibiza

Sep 07 | Ibiza, Spain | Club Space Ibiza

Sep 14 | Ibiza, Spain | Club Space Ibiza*

Sep 28 | Ibiza, Spain | Cub Space Ibiza

* – New World Punx



September 11  | Scottsdale, AZ  |  Maya Beach Club (w/ Pierce Fulton) – get tickets

September 12  |  Washington, DC  |  Echostage (w/ Cosmic Gate) – get tickets

September 13  |  Pointe-Calumet, Canada  | Beachclub (w/ Cosmic Gate) – get tickets

September 18  |  Houston, TX | Stereo Live (w/ Super8 & Tab) – get tickets

September 19  |  Vancouver, Canada | Harbour Event Centre (w/ Adrian Lux) – get tickets

September 25  |  Atlanta, GA | TomorrowWorld (w/ Special Guests) – get tickets

September 26  |  Las Vegas, NV | SLS (w/ Cosmic Gate) – get tickets

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