Tiësto Takes Firebeatz “Sky High”

Holland based duo, Firebeatz, have been working hard lately, very hard. Numerous collaborations and solo tracks have appeared throughout the last few months, with all of them are earning the ‘banger’ title. Their latest work “Samir’s Theme” is  no exception, currently positioning itself at #45 on the Beatport Charts and still climbing.

Expect nothing short of special from Tiësto‘s take on the dutch duo’s latest track, “Sky High”. Previously featured on the dutch maestro’s compilation album, “Club Life Volume 4: New York City”, Tiësto’s edit clearly makes justice to the title of the track, prompting the overall production to take it’s crowds to another level. The energetic melody and drop will get everybody jumping to the new progressive-big room trend that Tiësto has helped bring to prominence.

With the new trend around melodies and huge, surging, drops getting bigger, with names such as Martin Garrix making the likes of “Dragon” or “Break Through The Silence”, the scene looks set to keep the fashion for a little while longer.

Available August 3rd .


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