Flux Pavilion aims to change Top 100 voting

Flux Pavilion is renowned for his understated successes and genuine perspective on the music industry. Putting music before himself. With DJ Mags Top 100 DJ list currently having its voting in full swing, Flux has taken to social media to share his point of view on how fans should be voting.

At no point does Flux Pavilion plug himself, or a vote for himself, rather promotes his top 5, his Top 100 votes. The interactive video aims to tailor the Top 100 towards a ‘truer’ reflection of the industry’s spectrum of sounds and achievements. Acknowledging the evolved state of the electronic industry, the young Brit hopes to translate that change onto the list. Plugging the likes of Flume, Pretty Lights and Snails, Flux really does show a refreshing side to electronic artists. Less about enabling his success, more about enabling the success of good music, great music. Celebrating its creativity, its ability to draw thousands in, it’s brilliance.

“It’s a super cool thing, but times are changing, and together we can help make the Top 100 reflect that. I want the list to represent what I see when I’m out there on the road, and to really capture the full spectrum of music that people are listening to… Vote for the Flux 100.” – Flux Pavilion


So before you vote, consider the music ‘you believe in’ and appreciate the most – go into ‘Flux Mode’.

You can vote today, here.

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