Global petition to stop David Guetta from abusing animals at his shows

Guess who is getting in trouble?

David Guetta, sorry about this but you cannot just use a horse inside an extremely loud nightclub. As it was mentioned before on We Rave You, David Guetta got complains from hundreds of angry fans for using horses during his show at Pacha Ibiza. Some people, like deadmau5 (what a surprise) dropped the bomb on Guetta and got really mad at him for using the horses in question, taking as an argument that this was considered animal abuse. It is, David, it is. You can check out all the info about this here.

Now, a user by the name of Tierschutz is starting a campaign which reads as the following:

DAVID GUETTA, the F***me I am famous DJ, rented a horse from a local stable for his thursday shows in the PACHA Club in Ibiza for the whole summer season!

The horse has to enter the big PACHA hall at 4 a.m. in the morning, where a huge crowd of people, drunken and drugged, screaming and sweating, are celebrating their party night. The noise and smell is unbearable for most people, but the more for an animal.

Even if the owner of the horse says that it was trained for shows and also is wearing  earplugs, so it is still irresponsible to put a horse in the middle of the night under so much stress. My attention was brought to this case, because a visitor of the show contacted me because she observed that the horse was extremely stressed.

From insiders I learnt that the horse has already an injured back and 2 legs.  But for the big money they get with every show, they sacrifice the health and life of this poor animal!!

We demand immediate removal of this program point!!

If you’re interested in signing the campaign you can do it by clicking here.

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