Hardwell & Dannic “Survivors” Finally Gets Released

Dutch superstars, Hardwell & Dannic are having another incredible year. Hardwell is not going down without a fight to keep the #1 spot on the DJ Mag Top 100 poll producing a continued stirng of hits throughout the year. With the release of his debut album “United We Are”,  ‘Volume 6’ of the Revealed Recordings compliation album and some chart-topping singles, he might just keep his reign for a third straight year. Which brings us to Dannic. No longer in Hardwell’s shadow, he is building his own path with huge releases such as Dear Life, Fonk, and Forever, adding to his career’s incredible work.

Hardwell & Dannic have recently presented us their new single, “Survivors”, the long-awaited ID that was played at Ultra Music Festival, Miami. The tracks hype is still at peak level, with fans around the world antipciating it’s release date.

Breaking in the track with a signature Hardwell back beat and the intense feeling Dannic brings to the table, “Survivors” has definitely lived up to the excitement surrounding the collabortion. With an uplifting melody and structured format, the track fits in beautifully as a energy-kicker in any setting. On top of that, the tune features their fellow-countrymen Haris on the vocals, providing the track a more human-touch and a sense of resilience that only a survivor would portray.

The teaser of the track also included a nice animation of historical wars; a powerful representation of “Survivors” adding to the tracks overall atmosphere.

Available now on Beatport.


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