Henrix talks about Future plans, unveiling upcoming collaboration in Exclusive Interview

No stranger to worldwide success, Miami’s rapidly rising star Henrix has bursted in storm in 2013, releasing what has become a globally successful record “Hit It” and the rest is history. Throughout the years the insanely talented producer has released on multitude of prestigious labels such as Steve Angello’s Size records, Laidback Luke’s Mixmash, Fedde Le Grand’s Flamingo and many more. Hot on the heels of his chart-topping hit “Drop Out” and the announcement of his Las Vegas residency, we managed to catch him in between for a short interview:

-If you were sitting across from your 12 year-old self, what advice would you give him?
I would probably tell myself to focus on music now and not wait till im 2o to start doing it

-We understand that you are originally from Brazil and currently living in Miami; how does your cultural background and the Miami Dance Music scene influence your music production?
Miami is very diverse when it comes to Music. theres not one major genre in the city, so you really get a feel of everything and I try to incorporate it into my own productions

-What made you decide that you want to pursue a career as a DJ/producer?
After I went to a Tiesto concert at The Hard Rock hotel in January of 2006. It blew my away how the production was and how the people were so into the music and him

-Growing up, what was your favorite music genre/artist? How does that influence your work?
I grew up on Classic Rock and Brazilian Music in my house because of my dad and when I got into my teen years I was all about Hip Hop, I had experience with 90s dance music a lot of Euro Dance because of my mom. She loved it it when I was a kid and would always play it in the car

-We’re huge fans of your track “Drop Low” Where do you find usually inspiration to create your music?
Thanks! To be honest I find inspiration everywhere. I can be listening to rock song or hip hop song or even an older House tune and get inspiration from it. I try to really dig into older music and kind of get ideas from there and make it into a newer version but my own style

-What are your plans for the coming summer? Any interesting performances scheduled?
Im always looking forward to my residency in Vegas, its always an amazing show there! Also have my residency in Atlantic City it Mixx/Mur Mur and a few other shows we haven’t announced yet

-We see you have been putting out great singles here and there on labels such as Cr2, Flamingo, Mixmash, Size back in the days and also Arkade with your latest offering. Do you plan on releasing an album in the near future?
As of right now I have a lot of music im working on. Some are club singles some are not, I havent really said im going to make an album but since im non stop in the studio and im racking up so much music if it does happen that im happy with a good amount of music that i can put out an album ill do it, but its not a priority right now. i’ve become very critical of my own music and if im not extremely happy I wont put it out. So we’ll see in the next upcoming months what happens haha

-Back in April, you hinted that you were working with a big name for a new track; do you think you give us a little more information on that?
Im doing a collab with Laidback Luke thats pretty much finished. We’re just waiting for the vocals for it. its something you wont expect from both of us actually. When people hear it they wont think..”oh hey that sounds like Henrix or that sounds like Laidback Luke” Its just something we really haven’t made recently

-To wrap it up, what is your favorite burger joint?
Damn I want to say its between 5 guys and In & Out but In & Out Ive only tried twice I believe


Henrix’s latest release “Drop Low” is now available on Beatport. More information regarding tour dates can be found Here.