HI-LO jumps in the scene with “Renegade Mastah”

HI-LO, who is HI-LO? Well, if you spell it backwards (OLI H), you will find out that it’s in fact Oliver Heldens behind this brand new track, titled “Renegade Mastah”. It has been an amazing year for Oliver, with the releases of groundbreaking tracks “Shades of Grey”, “Melody”, and “You Know,” he has risen to the top as the future-house king.

He took on the alias to produce tracks with a more underground feel, which “Renegade Mastah” fully embodies. Breaking in the track with energetic breakbeats and spirited vocals layered on top of a primitive, raw groove, HI-LO has successfully sent the fans jumping up and down the room. Quote me on this one, this track will definitely be dominating music festivals and night clubs in no time, so check it out below!

Available now on Beatport.

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