Hokima – Macau

Prepare yourself for Hokima‘s – “Macau”, a track that’ll undoubtedly be rocking the dance-floor this summer.

Kobi Hokima, might not be a name familiar to many, but expect that to change as the 23 year old from Tel-Aviv undeniable has talent, and as he continues to prove that he has all the qualities of a great producer, there’s no telling where his music will take him in the near distant future.

“Macau”, is Hokima’s first solo release of 2015 and is available now on his own imprint – Overbind Recordings. The track is powered by the captivating brass synth and along with the groovy drum rhythms on the drop, the track is given a very fresh summer feeling to it.

Additionally, Hokima’s previous two releases, “Raylight” together with Mantrastic and “Arise” together with Maayan Rechler, are now available for free download through our Soundcloud.

“Macau” is out now on Beatport .


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