It’s that time again, DJ Mag opens its polls for 2015

Love it or hate it, the most well known DJ poll is once again open for voting. While some people view this as just another popularity contest, it’s still the most voted for DJ poll out there.  Needless to say, sometimes the results are questionable to say the least.

Back to back reigning champion, Hardwell, is still expected to rank top 3, while the new unstoppable duo, Jack U, are anticipated to make the cut as well.

In order to vote, you’re going to need either a Facebook or Google+ account. Once authenticated, it will ask you to agree to their security terms, and then you’ll be allowed to type in your top 5 DJ’s in the game right now.

Funny enough, there are already ad’s on the page to vote for this DJ or that DJ.


As you can see above, not only is 7up sponsoring the polls this year, but R3HAB and Alvaro are also blatantly asking for your votes via paid ad  sponsorship. While this is a completely valid tactic, this tends to rub people the wrong way, as we would all love this poll to be based on DJ and production value, instead of “who can get the most people to type my name”.

At any rate, the EDM community still finds some validity in the poll, and typically get excited when their favorite DJ makes the list. We should all look at this as simple “good fun” and not take the results to heart. At the end of the day, we all have our favorite DJ’s, and whether they do or do not make the list will not take that away from anybody.

Cast your vote now on the DJ MAG Top 100 Website!

Happy voting and good luck!