Jack U & Justin Bieber top the Billboard Dance Charts

Whether you love it or hate it – Skrillex, Diplo, and Justin Bieber struck absolute gold with their now #1 hit “Where are u now”. Climbing the Billboard Hot Dance/Electronic Songs chart to the top spot, “Where are u now” is the first record to hit #1 for the likes of all 3 of them, despite Skrillex making the list plenty of times in his career.

However, this is still not the only accomplishment for the trio. They also topped the #1 spot on Dance/Electronic Digital Songs, as well as making the Billboard Hot 100. Though they didn’t hit #1 on the hot 100, it’s certainly the first time both Skrillex and Diplo breached the top 10.

It seems as though the Biebs may be here to stay in the EDM world, and frankly, it’s not that bad. Many find his voice to do well with EDM style tracks, and I’d agree.

In a recent interview with KIIS 102.7, Bieber was asked if there’s any more collaborations in the works, in which he says:

Possibly. I was just in the studio with Skrillex the other night. Diplo was working, but we’re going to be getting it back in.

Personally, I’m excited what the 3 can crank out. Check out the official music video below:


Source: Billboard.com