Kaskade looks to “Disarm You” with Ilsey

Kaskade gave his latest masterpiece it’s festival debut at Electronic Daisy Carnival earlier this year. And what a response it got. With a knack for producing distinctive electronic tracks, the established American has seen his career continue to blossom with age.

Joining forces with the sensual vocals of Ilsey, Kaskade delivers a genre-infused masterclass. Using a progressive house format, the track’s orchestral introduction and scattered elements of future house brings a certain richness. With a punchy kickbass, the melody takes a more humble form, letting the vocals and future house drums come from the middle to the treble. An empowering instrumental drum sequence, busy guitar strings and harmonic backing vocals, Kaskade’s latest work carries a deep, driving energy. Fulfilling the senses and creating a vibrant atmosphere, it’s no doubt Kaskade saw the biggest crowd at Coachella earlier in the year.

Continuing his streak of form, Kaskade seems to be becoming a tycoon of production within the genre. Which only has us even more excited for what may lie in store for the future!

Available today on iTunes

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