Knife Party

Knife Party previews new EP

Right after Rob Swire from Knife Party announced he had suddenly lost his hearing, he is now announcing just a day later that a new Knife Party EP is on the way, and that his hearing is now back.

After the launch of Knife Party’s new album “Abandon Ship”, the duo’s popularity did not change much, since the album was received with open arms by some, and some others just didn’t like it. Wheter you liked the album or not, what’s true is that its production was of a high quality and that the fight against genres was accomplished with it. Nevertheless, the album did reach the high spots on copies sold on iTunes and other music providers, proving that a Knife Party album cannot go wrong.

Here’s how Rob announced that he got his hearing back and at the same time gave us a little preview of a track in the making on Twitter.

Thank God, Rob Swire got his hearing back and he can still delight us with his amazing talent for music, and we can’t wait any longer for the EP to be released. We’re sure we can expect big from this talented duo and let’s hope that nobody will lose their hearing or any ability again.

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