Krewella Puts the Sin in Sin City With “Somewhere To Run” Music Video

After kicking Rain Man out of Krewella, Yasmine and Jahan has truly took a turn in their production style. They have transformed from their original progressive/electro house style to something along the lines of Pop-metal with “Somewhere To Run”.

Krewella paid their tribute to the Sin City with their most recent music video for “Somewhere To Run”. Fully illustrating the flip side of the glamorous Las Vegas with a run-down, anarchic setting. The sister DJ duo tumbled their way through the fleabag motel on a baggage cart, encountered giant gummer bears and shoved gummy worms down their throats in this chaotic music video.

However, these are the things you most likely won’t witness if you are going to their upcoming shows at Omnia Nightclub. Purchase the tickets here.