KSHMR and Dzeko & Torres create “Imaginate”

KSHMR and Dzeko & Torres are no strangers to success, or big hits. So it’s no a surprise their combination of talents creates one. A big hit indeed.

With KSHMR’s ascension to the electronic elite in the last 18 months, it was always going to be interesting what direction he took in the next 6 months. Dzeko & Torres have also seen their material and status climb the ranks, featuring with Tiesto at Ultra Music Festival earlier this year. Both are renowned for melodies, so unsurprisingly “Imaginate” brings a mood-heightening, atmosphere-transforming one. Riddled with KSHMR’s quality and sharpness as well as Dzeko & Torres’ building undercurrents, “Imaginate” brings forth a positive, open-minded vibe. Dispersed with majestic female vocals, the track is a culmination of the trio’s reputations and career’s work so far.

While “Imaginate” follows Dzeko & Torres’ signature genre, progressive house dance music, KSHMR has again shown his versatility. Seemingly exploring the much of spectrum of sound within the electronic scene, there’s very little KSHMR can seem to do wrong. Combining with two of the veterans of the sub-genre no doubt helps, but “Imaginate” is further proof that KSHMR is going places

Better still, KSHMR and Dzeko & Torres are giving it away as a free download. Talk about a good ending to the week!

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