KSHMR goes for his first tour

Uprising star KSHMR has officially announced he would be touring this year, for the very first time, after being a mysterious producer for several months, and finally being unmasked in at UMF Miami 2015 on the mainstage.

We still do not know the details about the tour itself, but  KSHMR has confirmed to his fans that one of his destinations would be India, and he apparently wants to cover as much places as possible to finally face his fans.

However, we will keep you updated on all the details of the tour as we get to know more of it. You can now feel free to vote for him regardless you though he wasn’t a DJ on DJ Mag’s polls.


For those of you asking if I’m a DJ as well as a producer, the answer is yes. I will be touring in 2015

Posted by KSHMR on Wednesday, 8 July 2015

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