Kygo: The New Face of Apple Music

Yesterday brought unexpected but strangely satisfying news that Kygo is to become the face of the new streaming service – Apple Music.

The tropical house star has brought it’s popularity to the forefront of mainstream attention, catering for a wide variety of listeners, undoubtedly a tactical move by the tech giants.  Their partnership will include a promotional campaign, a track release and video content,  the the first of which has already surfaced on Apple Music’s home page.

Larry Jackson, Apple Music’s Head of Content is brimming with exciting, saying Kyo is “More than being a great DJ and producer, this guy is an impressive musician, and a lot of people are just discovering that.”

Kygo’s career has seemingly been “built around streaming”, whether it on Soundcloud or Spotify, where “Firestone has achieved an impressive 213 million streams.  “I’ve really enjoyed working together with Apple to help launch their new streaming service…It is really cool to see Apple getting involved.”

The partnership was marked by Kygo teaming up with fellow Norwegian’s ‘a-ha’ to remake their classic dancefloor hit “Take On Me”, with available soon on Apple Music.

Apples 24-hour, worldwide streaming service see’s is delve into yet another software market, hoping to capitalise on the latest platform for music consumption (streaming), a central aspect to it’s software products.

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