Martin Garrix’s Ibiza Home Robbed, Laptops & Important Equipment Stolen

So Martin Garrix was at a gig in Mallorca. Chillin’, doing his thing. Unfortunately, when things are going pleasantly, someone has to always come along and mess it up. Garrix tweeted about a robbery that took place in his Ibiza home whilst he was away, the crooks got away with a couple of laptops and some other ‘important stuff’ as Martijn put it. We’re guessing that includes his recording equipment, MIDI and what not; really saddening.

Garrix ends his rant peacefully by declaring that Karma will take care of the culprits.

On the bright side, his production laptop didn’t get stolen cause’ thankfully he had it on his person. A note to all DJs/producers from us here at We Rave You, make sure you keep your production laptop safe and sound at all times; hire security if needed!