Mat Zo drops long-awaited remix of Arty’s “Stronger”

You never know what to expect from Mat Zo these days, his foundation in both trance and progressive house has solidated his ever-changing production style. He has been constantly putting out unique releases ever since he came out with his first album, “Damage Control”. Now, he is back with breathtaking remix of Arty’s “Stronger”.

Arty’s original track is centered on Ray Dalton’s bewitching vocals, and garnished by the signature “progressive trance” drop. Mat Zo however, reworked the track into a disco-y, groovy masterpiece. Instead of focusing on the vocals, he oriented the track around the upbeat synths. Making “Stronger” into a completely different monster.

Mat Zo’s remix of “Stronger” was not planned to be released anytime soon but as it got leaked, he decided to post the official track on his Soundcloud. Check it out below!

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