Michael Brun and Roy English collaborating on a brand new track

Michael Brun fans and Roy English’s bandwagon fans: rejoice, your favorite artists are about to collaborate to create a massive hit!


A little back ground information on the duo:

Michael Brun, as we know him, is the Haitian-born, Miami residing, progressive/tropical house sensation who put himself on the map last year when he teamed with Dubvision to produce “Sun In Your Eyes” (feat. Tom Cane). He has since followed it with fantastic work this year including original tracks “See You Soon”, “Woo”, and “Blue Sky”.

Roy English is an American record producer and vocalist who has quickly rose to the buzz after he was featured in Alesso’s “Cool”. In fact, he wrote the track himself and Alesso merely picked it up and reinterpreted it.

English is a very established mainstream vocalist; he has worked with music giants among the likes of Kanye West, Beyonce, and Maroon 5. If he chooses to focus his career on EDM, he definitely has had a great start and an enormous potential. He is about to step up with another great track alongside Michael Brun, so stay tuned on more updates!