New Album from Kaskade? We think Yes

Kaskade? Who is Kaskade? He is known for drawing record-breaking crowds at music festival, producing ingenious tracks that revolutionizes the scene and even has two Grammy award nominations. After his previous album “Atmosphere” hit it big in 2013, he is now back for more.

Kaskade has been releasing quality tracks throughout this year. With “Never Sleep Alone” and the like, he keeps us fans wanting more. Furthermore, taking into account all the unreleased songs in his live sets this year, including “We don’t stop” and “Disarm You” I am sure you fans out there are all anticipating a new album. But, the here is the million dollar question, when?

Well, to respond to that, Kaskade has announced that his forthcoming album is set to release this fall! To even sweeten the deal, you will be able to receive a special pre-order digital album on its street date when you purchase any tickets to his residency dates at XS night club and Encore beach club. You will receive instructions on the email and this bonus applies to both previous and new purchases.

Here are the dates:

Aug 1    XS, Las Vegas
Aug 2    Encore Beach Club, Las Vegas
Aug 7    XS, Las Vegas
Aug 8    Encore Beach Club, Las Vegas
Aug 14  XS, Las Vegas
Aug 15  Encore Beach Club, Las Vegas
Aug 21  XS, Las Vegas
Aug 22  Encore Beach Club, Las Vegas
Aug 29  XS, Las Vegas
Aug 30  Encore Beach Club, Las Vegas
Sept 5   XS, Las Vegas
Sept 6   Encore Beach Club, Las Vegas

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