Noel Gallagher’s Criticism of EDM get’s rebutted Avicii & Deadmau5

Noel Gallagher’s reputation for strong, often cynical, opinions on the electronic scene is well-documented. And his streak has continued, criticising festival-headliners who source from the disk-jockey and production background – such as Avicii. In a series of interviews leading up to Scotland’s T in the Park, Noel Gallagher was quoted saying “I don’t know anything about Avicii. I don’t wish to know anything about Avicii. It sounds like an artist from the Renaissance period.” He even had the balls to say after Avicii’s set, which set the crowd into rave mode, “Don’t worry, I can save [the festival] after that.”

While his opinion can be argued to have some aspect of truth, statements regarding festivals becoming “…disturbing, if a dude in a hat and a pair of fake DJ decks pressing play on a CD player is what it’s all about. That’s quite a bleak future.” are quite bold, especially with Noel Gallagher’s experience at DJing himself…

Avicii recently responded via Instagram, with a comical South Park clip saying “What is really ‘sad’ is hearing a old time musician like yourself confessing so bluntly and openly to not having an open mind to new music by dissing shit you haven’t even heard.” The Swedish maestro showed his funny side  signing off at “Dude in a hat.”

View this post on Instagram Sounds like youre playing the wrong festival if youre at the same time dissing its entire audiences music taste you silly sausage! :O. (PS: Guess what: There are still good bands, still making great music that changes peoples lives, – what is really "sad" is hearing a old time musician like yourself confessing so bluntly and openly to not having an open mind to new music by dissing shit u havnt even heard , I really didnt think someone whose whole image is being witty would turn all stereotype 'bitter ol timer rocker' like that lol. I Wish you nothing but the best and hope you one day will broaden your music taste and keep developing urself as an artist and musicians. I would actually love to preview you my album song by song and hear your honest feedback but I dare you to say the same thing afterwards // "Dude in a hat"?

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deadmau5. The voice of opinion from the scene. Even one to dismiss fellow electronic artists, got amongst the action. After Gallagher opened an interview with, “Hello, this is deadmau5 without the stupid fucking hat,” he replied, “Well I’m Noel Gallagher, without the stupid accent.”

Nothing like sarcasm and satire beef from two of the most opinionated artists!


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