Oliver Heldens Opens Up About Artist Discovery

Getting publicity as an amateur musician and producer is a quintessential challenge in the music industry, with thousands of competitors and a fine balance to tread between self-promotion and selling your soul to the devil below. Superstar Oliver Heldens, himself a beneficiary of favourable artist discovery, has had a few words to say to the mass of negative comments coming from members of the public attacking organisations like Spinnin Records.

As you can see, Oliver is a big believer in the traditional means of self-promotion: through networking and persistence. It is almost common knowledge that producers these days use cracked software while starting out, and that putting in the tough work to release lots of good quality music is the only way to get ahead. From his own early days releasing tracks and finding his own sound and style, it is evident that he has put in the hard yards to get to where he’s at now, as the proud owner of a new record label and multiple #1s across the board. He himself is strongly committed to bringing up the future of dance music, with his widely publicised nurturing of artists like Mr Belt & Wezol and young star Curbi, in addition to his regular showcase of talent on Heldeep Radio.

“Stop complaining, start producing more music”. We can only look forward to more tastemaking from this artist, and plenty of new and fresh music coming from breakthrough artists around the globe!