Our Top10 tracks from Porter Robinson in celebration of his birthday

With the electronic wizard turning 24 yesterday, we’ve spent the last 24 hours deliberating over his best 10 tracks. And that’s no easy task. His debut album ‘Worlds’ last year received critique acclaim, creating a major stir with his devoted fan-base with its diverse range of sounds. But with a career featuring timeless collaboration’s, stand out sets, statementing EP’s, and tracks for a generation, there’s little wonder this list was so difficult to curate – hence the clause: “In no particular order” is being applied.

Porter Robinson’s Top 10:

1. Say My Name – Only 18 when he made this, and it became Beatport Chart topping before he even set foot in a club. Not a bad starting place.

2. Language – Electro Magic. A party starter and a party finisher. If you can find someone who doesn’t dance to this instinctively, Ill give you 5 dollars*.

3. Easy (With Mat Zo) – Daft Punk-esque modernity. A delicious blend of synths, bass, beat, melody and riffs.

4. Divinity (featuring Amy Millan) – Simple divine. Tried and tested at the biggest festivals and in my car at 2am. Utterly awesome.

5. Spitfire – A beautiful collage of sound. Is the only way to describe it without missing something.

6. Sea of Voices – Emphatic. Euphoric. Empirically complete. It could cater for a set, or a movie trailer. It’s boundaries are boundless.

7. Flicker – Japan-infused electronic bliss. Catchy, memorable and satisfying. Much like Robinson’s entire catalogue.

8. Lionhearted – The soundtrack of the rebellious youth.

9. Nero – The Thrill (Porter Robinson Remix) – While the original was quality. Robinson’s touches of elegance and tampering of refinement to add a new dimension.

1o. Sad Machine – For many this is the first song they associate with the American. And for good reason.

Honorable mentions:

11. Hello (With Lazy Rich Featuring Sue Cho)  Deep Hard and Funky. And then some.

12. Wildcat – Dubstep, meets Electro house, meets Porter. And we love it.

13. Unison – Electro House ‘spiced up’. Strangely addictive to be around.

14.  Vandalism (Featuring Amba Shepherd) – It was inevitably going to be a winning combination. Yet still we were happily surprised.

And with young Porter just turning 23, we can only sit in tantalizing agony for what the rest of his career may include. So for now, enjoy the tracks above and rest assured there’s little doubt Robinson’s next work will be sitting comfortably along-side or even on top of the list.

(*Strong use of sarcasm for effect)

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