Pryda: Vol I – The Emphatic EP

As Eric Prydz’ label brings up its 10-year anniversary, Pryda is embarking on a 10 EP release to mark the occasion. For many of us, that’s news sent straight from the heavens. Prydz probably has the most extensive catalogue, with his alter-ego’s Cirez D and Pryda also notching up very credible material. Yet Eric is still able to include a whole array of new, unreleased material for every major set he crafts, a reflection of a true musical curator.

The label’s anniversary celebrations have kicked off with the first of three Pryda EP’s, Vol I to be exact, bringing to the forefront much of his back catalogue that so often appear as ID’s. Again, more heavenly news. The 4 track EP includes two of the most regular ID’s within his sets, which now have formal names; “Rebel XX” and “Run”, with the other two releases, “Loving You” and “Neuron both receiving their airplay christening on Beats 1 Radio inaugural One Mix just over a week ago.

“Rebel XX” was previous known as ‘Shrine ID’ by many of Prydz’ adoring fanbase as it circled the internet for months on end. The grittier, more electro approach by Pryda is reminiscent of Cirez D, with a meatier progressive drop and deeper melody. With robotic-infused elements, giving an almost mechanical image with the song, Vol I starts off with real intent and energy to really set the atmosphere alight.

“Run”, known as ‘Firestone ID’ for many of it’s unofficial days, receives a slightly softer start, with a lighter melody and longer build-up. However, the progressive-kick doesn’t cease to blast your ears with a sense of urgency, with a deep, distorted bassline infused with a space-age sound, the track climaxes with distant vocals and cheeky use of FX only a few can achieve with such class.

“Loving You” see’s a return to the Pryda and Prydz sound we all know. His colossal ‘Pure’ progressive house. With a rhythmic melody, sophisticated, balanced layering and faded, looped riffs, the gradual development of the track is seamlessly constructed. With high’s and lows, intertwined with mood-setting FX and subtle tone changes, the track is arguably the most complete from the EP.

“Neuron” rounds off the four track blitz. With prominent drums, soaring siren-like synth’s, the ‘snare-king’ provides the most contrasting progressive kick of the EP, with a deep, growling sequence, scattered with high tones and elements throughout. With a beautiful orchestral re-boot halfway through, Prydz redevelopment of the layers, the gradual culmination, reflects the true craftsmanship and soul of the under-spoken Swede.

While only 4 songs, each track averages 7 minutes, providing just enough magic until the highly anticipated Vol 2 lands next month. While the heavily anticipated “Opus” wasn’t included, we have a strong hunch it will be soon. And with 3 more months of Pryda releases to go, finishing with Prydz’ debut album, the summer looks set for a progressive makeover. So we can’t say we’re complaining at all!


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