Prydz Creates His Greatest “Opus”

Opus: The creation of an artistic work, especially one on a large scale. Eric Prydz‘ fulfillment of the definition is what has many tipping his latest track to be the track of the year. And while there’s always huge hype around the Swede’s production abilities and material, you really do get the sense this is something special. One of his finest works.

So big. So powerful. So complete. Oh so good. “Opus” comes at a time where much of the industry’s latest creations are following popular trends and formats, where the creativity is restricted to the area’s within the renowned formula’s. Having already spoiled us with “Tether” and “Generate” Prydz’ lead up to his debut album is having an extraordinary run of form – a reflection of the genuine time and effort the man puts into his music.

The subtlety of his artistry is what has always set Eric apart from the rest of the scene. The desire and pursuit for perfection is what his fans admire, appreciate, and yearn for. With yet another timeless melody, the song doesn’t cease to provide one of the most satisfying crescendo’s of 2015 so far, soul-searching for 9 minutes. With a simple, building construction, the joy of the progressive house genre is fully fleshed out, with Prydz’ infectious, divine atmosphere ever present. Roaring synths, powerful snares, a pulsating beat and soaring siren-like chords, “Opus” puts your senses on alert, acknowledging the witness of true art. A perfect construction of sound.

With the release of a full preview also comes Prydz’ legendary graphical design. The searching angles of the Pryda logo are joined by gleaming visuals, reflecting the shining, ovation-worthy soundtrack. With production material such as this coming out of the secretive workshop, the proposition for what his upcoming album will hold will no doubt cause your imaginations to run wild. And with Pryda’s second EP, Vol II, due to drop early next month, it’s reasonable to think of 2015 as the year of Prydz.

Whether it’s a symbolic celebration of how far his label and himself have come in 10 years, or simply another epic example of the Eric Prydz moniker at work, it’s destined to be one of the fan’s favorites and genre’s finest.

Available 27th of July .

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