Redlight – Lion Jungle ft. Prodigy

The British DJ/Producer Redlight has been bubbling at the edges of the industry for a few years now. With his biggest success, “Lost In Your Love”, reaching the UK top 10 in 2012, the London-based artist have explored a variety of genres and sounds over the years, with “Switch It Off” receiving a remix from Ben Pearce.

For his latest wave of material, Redlight has paired up with established rapper Prodigy, of Mobb Deep. Exploring a tribal-infused musical canvas, the infectious tribal bass drum adds a heavy head-nodding effect to the track. Throwing modern music’s format out of the window, the looped riffs, lion roars and jungle FX create an enrapturing atmosphere. While not your typical song, it had the addictiveness, and intrigue that Flume brought in his debut material. With Prodigy crafting a verbal overlay that adds to the heavy, deep mood, the atmosphere becomes a bizarre blend of bass, jungle and gangster elements.

“Lion Jungle” brings about a fusion of house and garage, with flickering of grime reflecting its British origins. A refreshing sound for a high-tempo dominated scene.

Available today on iTunes

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