Sander van Doorn teaches you how to produce “Oh, Amazing Bass”

Who would be the best teacher to educate yourself about the production of a hit track than the producer himself? Sander Van Doorn is here to show you how it’s done.

Sander gives you a little “tour” inside his own production “Oh, Amazing Bass“, and believe us you will be amazed of how simple the production is yet how brilliantly it sounds. “Oh, Amazing Bass” has been selling thousands of copies on and chart-topping Beatport since its release, and now it’s your lifetime chance learn how to make your Beatport hit with accompanied by the Dutch maestro himself. The tutorial is mostly focussed on the bassline since it’s main hook, however, it’s definitely a useful guide to those who have always wanted to know how it looks like behind the project.

The remix contest for “Oh, Amazing Bass” has also been ¬†announced recently, so if you’re an upstarting producer, give yourself a change and be sure to check the remix contest information¬†Here.

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