Shaq AKA DJ Diesel to play at TomorrowWorld

No, this is not a joke. NBA superstar turned DJ Shaquille O’Niel, AKA DJ Diesel is going to be playing a special “all trap” set according to TomorrowWorlds official facebook page.


NBA Legend Shaquille O’ Neal aka DJ Diesel will be throwing down a special Trap set this year at TomorrowWorld.
Get a taste of whats to come with his exclusive TomorrowWorld mix:


This news is getting a lot mixed emotions in the EDM world. On one hand you have the crowd that feels like this is an absolute gimmick, and in now way, shape, or form a good representation of our culture. On the other hand, some just view it as good entertainment and fun. In a sense, both sides have valid reasons. There are plenty of DJ’s that work day in and day out and never even get the oppurtunity. Naturally, it’s hard to swallow that Shaq comes out of nowhere and locks in a spot.

Fortunately, this won’t be his first time on the decks, as he’s been doing his DJ thing for quite some time now.

Overall, we’re both excited, but also skeptical about what this will bring to the table.

Source: Facebook