Simon Cowell’s “Ultimate DJ” Show Gets Tiësto’s View

It should be no surprise Simon Cowell is the driving force behind the upcoming ‘Ultimate DJ’, the concept of a DJ talent competition has been inevitable since the rise of the electronic industry into the mainstream limelight. However, Tiësto‘s public condemnation of the format saying “I don’t think it will ever work for Simon Cowell” has put a dampener on the hype around the new show.

Recruiting NERVO as the celebrity faces of the program, Cowell’s success at talent-searching competitions is no secret, with the likes of American Idol, Britain’s Got Talent and X-Factor under his belt. Although Tiësto’s view, that it’s missing one key ingredient, is what has us intrigued as to whether it will come off or not for the British media tycoon.

“…you need an hour to DJ, not two minutes of TV.” Tiësto believes a show searching for disk-jockeying talent requires more than just a DJ behind a deck. “The vocal aspect is what’s missing. When you see someone sing good or bad that will never get boring.”.

To be fair the dutch pioneer’s points are based on over 2 decades of experience of what succeeds within the industry. But then again the might of Simon Cowell’s achievements is no small feat either, making the reception the show receives from viewers and professionals very interesting indeed.

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