Sleepy Tom – I Want Your Soul

Cameron Tatham, also known as his stage name, Sleepy Tom is an up and coming Canadian DJ. For those of you who aren’t familiar with him, he specializes in electro house and first made his appearance in 2013 under Fool’s Gold Records.

Sleepy Tom recently presented us his new single “I Want Your Soul” on Heldeep Radio and it definitely does not make you sleepy. The track is sampled from the classic 80’s hit “Do you want it right now” by Siedah Garrett if you are wondering why it sounds so familiar. I am sure this brings back a lot of good memories for some of you out there.

Breaking in with a bouncy, disco-y beat and 80s feel good vocals, “I Want Your Soul” will definitely be an opportunity for Sleepy Tom to hit it big. Presenting us with a modern day interpretation of the 80’s chart topper, Sleepy Tom also added a very danceable drop to this track. With that said, I can only assume that it will be featured in many live sets down the road so check it out!


Available now.