Steerner & Martell – Sun EP

Steerner and Martell deliver happy moments with the release of their new EP – “Sun EP”.

Fans of the pair have been eagerly awaiting the release of some new material after countless song snippets and pictures of the pair in the studio. “Sun EP” is blessed with 3 tracks; “Sun”, “Crystals” and “Blue”, which has been in the making for several months. Steerner and Martell are no strangers to each other and have collaborated on my occasions before, including their first collaboration – “Sky” and also their track “Sparks” alongside fellow Swede William Ekh and vocalist Corey Saxon, which was featured on Proximity‘s Youtube channel.

Track 1 – “Sun”
Known for their striking melodies and uplifting Swedish house sounds, Steerner and Martell make no exception with – “Sun”, as the leading single of the EP delivers warm melodies right from the start and continues them throughout. The track bears a resemblance of their previous collaboration – “Sparks” and it feels as if they have developed a sound that sets them apart and gives them a unique identity. The track is sure to brighten even the gloomiest of mornings and is filled with elements of summer sounds and will no doubt make its way onto your summer playlist as you look to soak up the “Sun”.

Track 2 – “Crystals”

The melody on “Crystals” is extremely infectious and will probably have you humming or whistling away to it for the rest of the day and is very energetic as it comes in at full power, right from the start and continues throughout. However, it doesn’t go all out for its entirety as it has a very nice breakdown in between the energetic verses, which nicely breaks up the song and gives the plucks the chance to sparkle.

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Track 3 – “Blue”

“Blue” was the ideal way for Steerner and Martell to close the EP, not only does it continue with the happy summer vibes, it leaves you wanting more and you come to appreciate the effort that went into crafting this EP. The track carries a more reminiscent tone with it and from the bells at the beginning, you can tell that the track is going to be tamer than the latter two.

The two Swedes, now under the same management, along with William Ekh, certainly have a bright and melodic future ahead, so expect a lot more to come from their camp in the near future.

“Sun EP” now available to stream on Spotify and Apple Music!

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