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Steve Aoki Responds To Bashing On His “Titanic Remix”

“I’m a huge target to loads of people but I just don’t give a fuck anymore. I’m having fun and I’m just going to keep on having fun. I don’t care if I ruffle a few feathers” says Steve Aoki.

Last week, we scrutinized Steve Aoki’s remix of the infamous Titanic theme song, and now in a recent interview Aoki has spilled his thoughts on why and how he managed to get away with playing the track. Aoki explains that he was nervous about the track sounding ‘cheesy’, but decided to roll with it anyway.

“I’ve wanted to work with that track and vocal for a very long time but I’ve always been ‘no no no’ I can’t do it. It’s incredibly cheesy but incredibly epic at the same time, so if you can harness both of those things, it’s going to work.”

Personally, I didn’t have a problem with the track at all. I had a problem with what Aoki did with it, it seemed like the Dim Mak boss found some random hard-hitting track and threw it right after Celine’s vocals; no sense of key, melody or tempo. But like Steve said, “I just don’t give a fuck anymore.”

Aoki goes on to describe the experience of it all, “We all had to completely own it at that moment and just put our arms out and do the Titanic together and let the music take [us]. Everyone was singing along and laughing at themselves at the same time. It was an incredible feeling. I just stood there with my arms out and reveled in the vulnerability of it.”

I’m honestly tired of artists claiming they don’t care about what ‘the haters’ think along with a ‘I’ll do what I want’ kind of attitude. Aoki’s own fans weren’t impressed by the track, so shouldn’t he care about his following’s thoughts?

Quite controversial, let us know your thoughts on the track and Steve’s comments.