Suspect 44 hit the right notes with “Here Right Now”

Suspect 44 are back with their latest release, ‘Here Right Now’ out via Armada Music. The trio comprise of nationalities from the United States as well as the Netherlands. Not often do you find a group that has such a unique sound which covers multiple genres, in this case, Suspect 44 dabble in both progressive house as well as Trance waters. Quite evident as they receive support from the likes of Armin van Buuren and ASOT, as well as Hardwell, Nicky Romero and the likes.

Yes, ‘Here Right Now’ too can be played in either a trance set or a progressive house set. The trio’s masterpiece reached a level of perfection and added flavour with RUMORS’ vocals on the verse. The track begins with a guitar dominated melody which quickly introduces warm vocals that’ll elevate you. The chorus is a symphony of lush chords that’ll guide you to paradise.

Download info, lyrics and all that fancy stuff in the SoundCloud link below!