Tannergaard – Sundance

Young Swedish musician, Wille Tannergaard has advanced himself into the spotlight through his latest release: ‘Sundance’. The track has been a favorite for DJs looking to take crowds to their euphoric limit. A regular in Kryder, Tom Staar and New_ID’s playlists.

The track is one of several free releases, groove maestro, Kryder has been giving away through his upcoming label: Sosumi Records. The song starts with some smooth synths which effortlessly translate into an ecstatic buildup of hard hitting drum rhythms. The drop hits like a bomb with elements of groove and electro-house resonating from it.

A crowd favourite in his hometown of Malmo, Sweden; the young prodigy has displayed his flair for creating musical wonders. With tracks like this, we’re sure he’ll have the rest of the world on their feet, dancing through summer.