Techno King Richie Hawtin Gets Honorary Doctorate

The english-born canadian DJ/Producer has had a significant career, influencing the history of today’s electronic scene in a big way. Richie Hawtin was part of the Detroit techno scene in the early 1990’s before going on to becoming one minimal techno’s pioneers since the mid-1990’s, the three time DJ Awards winner’s work as Plastikman and through his ENTER events in Ibiza have established his name within legendary ranks.

The label owner has also overseen the development of one of the biggest influences in modern electronic music, technology. A self-confessed tech enthusiast himself, Hawtin has always had a keen eye as well as a keen ear, often experimenting with new production hardware/software and stage technology.

In recognition for his outstanding contributing to the world of music technology, the University of Huddersfield have bestowed an Honorary Doctorate on Richie, one of eight presented by the University in 2015. And just to top the occasion off, none other than Sir Patrick Stewart, the British actor known to many as Captain Picard, was the one presenting the award.

“I thank the University of Huddersfield for the honor of this award and congratulate the graduating class from the Music & Technology faculty. At its core, technology based music is driven by the constant innovation and development of technology. It is my belief that this is what will forever keep us feeling challenged, excited and inspired for what lies just around the corner.”

Hawtin has collaborated not only with producers but also music software companies such as Ableton, Native Instruments and Subpac as well as helps develop the likes of Final Scratch, a digital DJ technology. Founding the labels M_nus and Plus 8 Records as well as releasing Plastikman’s first album in 10 years, “EX”, the Honorary Doctorate is the third major honor for Hawtin in the past year. Earning a ‘Outstanding Contribution to Music’ award at the Association for Independent Music’s annual awards ceremony in London last September and the ‘Sake Samurai Award’ by the Sake Samurai Association in Kyoto, Japan last October.

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